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Matt Massman

Game Learning
Founder & CEO
Los Angeles
Matthew Massman- Founder & CEO
As founder of Game Learning, educational entrepreneur Matthew B. Massman is once again at the forefront of enhancing educational opportunities for today’s students. With the launch of Game Learning, Massman is yet again filling a void left in the rapidly evolving, and dynamic learning landscape. Developing well-rounded minds requires that students be taught STEM, which the majority of the educational gaming market prioritizes. But it’s also vital that students learn the story of Jamestown, and the impact Shakespeare had on the literary world. Indeed, Game Learning’s video games target subjects that other educational games ignore, including literature, history, and social studies.
Massman’s previous successes in education include the successful launch of Vinci Academy with Dr. Dan Yang. Vinci Academy provides an environment where young minds receive an unmatched early childhood education, based on the Vinci blended learning curriculum.
In addition, as Principle of Mass Equity, Massman successfully unified a selected group of leading investors and real estate developers, to delivering private equity into the public education field through hand-selected financial and real estate options for charter schools and school districts. To date, Mass Equity, LLC has facilitated more than $1 Billion in the development of educational facilities Mass Equity remains a privately held real estate development company specializing in pre-K-12 school facilities.
Massman’s dedication to improving the educational space for students of all ages, across all demographics, continues to help shape the future of generations to come.