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Afrika Afeni Mills

Senior Manager of Inclusive and Responsive Educational Practices
Greater Boston Area
Afrika Afeni Mills is the Senior Manager of Inclusive and Responsive Educational Practices and an Instructional Coach with BetterLesson who works with teachers, coaches and administrators to transform instructional practices and empower all students to thrive. Afrika believes that all teachers can be motivated, engaged, dynamic educators and leaders when provided with the supports needed to create student-centered, culturally responsive learning environments that inspire wonder and creativity and nurture diversity, equity and inclusion.
The former teacher and administrator spent over a decade in schools before transitioning to full-time instructional coaching and consulting. A prominent thought leader, she has been featured on podcasts discussing the school-to-prison pipeline and white fragility and co-presented  Required Reading Reconsidered and Interrogating the Curriculum at conferences across the US.
Afrika holds a master's degree in Elementary Teaching from Boston College's Lynch School of Education, where she graduated first in her class. She also serves on the board of the Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, and Creativity.