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Wade Colwell

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Wade Antonio Colwell is the co-founder of Youth Equity Stewardship (YES!), an arts-based, experiential and inter-generational process of transformational stewardship of our school communities. As an educator engaging the creative/cultural modalities of song, spoken-word, movement, ceremony and restorative circle keeping, Wade is a rising national voice for deepening relations across generation and difference.

His touring multi-media performance Borderless, with musical partner Benjie Howard, is a folk & hip hop fused journey examining the intersections of race, class, identity, immigration, sexual orientation, gender and environmental & indigenous justice. He is co-founder/MC of pioneering academic hip hop duo Funkamentalz, lead facilitator/consultant with Corwin Press (Deep Equity and Student Aspirations) and lead restorative practices educator with NYC-based Counseling in Schools. Wade is also a founding poet laureate of Tucson Unified School District's Mexican-American / Raza Studies Department.